Saturday, 20 March 2021


Ronnie Doyle, R I P
We are all saddened by the news of the sudden passing of Ronnie Doyle, such a well loved presence in St Patrick's Parish. Ronnie's friend, neighbour, and fellow parishioner has put pen to paper to offer a tribute to Ronnie.  Mary Lou (Mallard) Tucker has shared her lovely poem with us.


How many tears can one cry to Heaven
For someone so special we have loved and lost,
The shock and stress of his death that happened
The feeling of numbness and helplessness is the greatest cost.

The friendliest family man who loved chatting to everyone
He was that pleasant person we will never soon forget,
Everyone was greeted with his contagious smile and a wave
He was someone many are thankful to have met.

He was so much like his angelic parents, Mary and Kevin,
The family home is still next door to Robert and me
His dad and Ronnie wore a path from St. Patrick’s to Brine Street
Doing good for others that many did not see.

Ronnie was the very energetic sort
Who felt there was never enough time to get things done,
The best maintenance and grounds worker that St. Patrick’s would ever see
But he certainly made time for his family and loved ones.

Ronnie and Ros were blessed with two children, Kevin and Courtney, 
They will always be their special pride and joy,
When two grandchildren were to come from Kevin and Sarah
They were blessed with a beautiful girl and darling boy.

All the siblings from both sides loved him dearly
He was always just a phone call away,
He will be so missed by the priests and co-workers
And by all of us every hour of every day.

Ros, his beautiful soul is now in Heaven
With his loving family who have passed on before,
Jesus smiled and said, “COME MY SON”
You have earned your walk through Heavens door.
Hugs to Heaven Ronnie 

Thank you, Mary Lou, for this touching tribute to  Ronnie Doyle.  He was a well loved man who will be missed by so very many people.  To Ronnie's dear wife and devoted family, we extend our sincerest  sympathy. May God's love support you all in this ordeal and may  Ronnie's gentle soul rest in Christ's peace.


  1. Beautiful Tribute. Condolences to the Doyle and Murphy Families.
    Margie (Walsh) Sears
    from Hamilton Ave.

  2. Thanks Margie. Ronnie certainly was respected and loved. Such a great loss to his beloved family. Louie always writes lovely poems. She is a talented lady.

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