Sunday, 1 August 2021


 July was a very exciting month for our resident poet, Mary Lou (Mallard) Tucker.  She has spent most of her working life caring for and loving children but on 16 July Louie retired.  She has sent us a poem to mark the occasion and I am happy to post it here.

Up to 65 years it has been an awesome journey 
As part of my work life comes to a close,
From working in an office for the first seven years
To loving and kissing my little babies toes.

Thirty six years of children attending my day home
My love grows so deep with these tiny little ones,
To teaching these darlings to love, care and share
Hopefully they will continue on once my work is done.

I feel blessed that faith, hope and love has gotten me through life
With my family and friends this gift will never cease,
My thought is that money certainly doesn’t buy happiness
Also forgiveness and giving brings the greatest peace.

I’ve been so thankful for my wonderful husband Robert
As we will celebrate 46 years of marriage in June,
My awesome son Bobby, his darling Tash and our grandkids
When we get to see them safely it will never be too soon.

This place in time I am truly blessed with my beautiful mom Helen
Who will soon celebrate the big 93,
Her living children and her very close family and friends
I thank God in Heaven for the blessings we all see.

Not all my family and friends have made it to this age
I thank God for my 65 years,
Some are granted a very short visit to earth
We are not told how long we’ll be here.

From Stephen Street, to Mckay St., to Brine Street
St. Patrick’s, to Holy Heart of Mary and Business Ed,
From United Nail and Foundry, to dedicating my life to Child Care and St. Bon’s
I agree it’s hard and busy but a most rewarding job as people have said.

I will now be entering semi-retirement 
As my last precious children leave my door,
I’ll certainly be praying for all of you through the next chapter 
My love will be an extension to my babies forever more!! 

For all my babies from three months to over thirty,
Your Louie, always!!! 

I know that the parents will miss Louie's kindness and expertise and I am equally certain that Louie will miss her beloved and cherished charges. 

We wish Louie years and years of healthy and happy retirement with plenty of time to enjoy Robert and all her wonderful family.  God bless you, Louie, and your big kind heart.  Thanks for all your support and contributions to this blog.  Please keep in touch and we look forward to more of your poems (when you get time🍷🍷!) 

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