Thursday, 24 January 2013


Here is another great picture from Enid O'Brien along with the e-mail that accompanied the photo.  The only thing I will add to Enid's information is that the Commercial Class was taught by Sister Mary Imelda.  She taught at St Patrick's for years and years and her students received excellent training.   Sr Imelda was transferred to Holy Heart of Mary when it opened and she served for many years as Secretary to successive Principals.  I think her heart belonged to St Patrick's though because even at H H M, she still kept an eye on all the St Patrick's girls there.  Sr Imelda died at the Mother House in Cathedral Square and she is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. 
"Hello Beth Anne
I am enclosing another picture for your St. Patrick’s School archives. This is the 1956/57 Commercial Class dressed in their uniforms all prepared to take on the business world. Not only did they get good training they were also found positions in offices when they completed the course. St. Patrick’s girls had a terrific program and local employers would sometimes leave their names with the Sisters to send their girls for interviews when their training was complete. Unfortunately I can not identify all on this picture. However, with the help of former students I have been able to identify most and would be grateful for your readers to help in the identification. If there are errors I would appreciate hearing as well so we can make corrections.
St Patrick's Commercial Class 1956/57
Front Row (Seated L-R) #1 Anna Cahill; #2 Joan Morgan; #3 ?; #4 Helen Brewer; #5 ?; #6 ?; #7 Helen Hearn; #8 Alice Kavanagh
2nd Row (L-R) #1 ?; #2 ?; #3 Mary Lou Ryan; #4 Kathleen Grant; #5 Betty Broderick; #6 ?'; #7 Marguerite Murphy; #8 Elizabeth “Betty” Mason; #9 Frances Cooke; #10 Rosalie Horan; #12 ?
3rd Row (L-R) #1 Mary O’Brien; #2 Joan Cooper; #3 ?; #4 Theresa McCarthy; #5 Rosemary Stanford.
Best wishes for 2013
Enid O’Brien"
Thanks once again, Enid, for this trip down memory lane.