Wednesday, 16 October 2013


1st St Patrick's Cub Pack on Parade in 1953

This lovely picture, courtesy of Doreen (McAllister) Heffernan, was taken in 1953, probably on 1st July.  It is the 1st St Patrick's Cub Pack on parade and it shows the leaders, Mrs Rose McCormack and Miss Doreen McAllister.  Following close behind are John McCormack, Tommy Greene and Gerry Meaney.  Behind Gerry is another Meaney, (Basil perhaps?). 

Tommy Greene's creation for the 2010 St Patrick's Reunion
Sadly, Mrs McCormack and John McCormack have passed away.  I think Gerry still lives in St John's and I don't know about the other Meaney boy.  (If you know, please let me know.)  Little Tommy Green grew up to be a very talented maker of beautiful cakes!  He also had the good sense to marry a St Patrick's Convent Girl, Florence Furey.  The above photo shows one of Tom's delicious cakes, made by him for the 2010 St Patrick's Convent School Reunion.   
Thanks for this photo, Doreen.  It gave me much pleasure and I am sure it will do the same for many other readers of this blog.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


This post will bring back some memories for a lot of people.  I am posting a  sketch of St Patrick's Convent School, Deanery Avenue.  Many of us were pupils at this school, which was built as a memorial to the boys and men of St Patrick's Parish who gave their lives in WWI.     This beautiful drawing was done, from memory,  by a former pupil of St Patrick's, Kay Simms McCormack .
One of eleven children, Kay Simms was born in 1932 to Bill and Louise Simms, prominent and well respected members of St Patrick's Parish.  Many will recall the concerts at which the dancers and singers were accompanied on the piano by Mrs  Simms.  In the 1930s and 1940s Kay and her three sisters, Dot, Betty and Jennie, all attended St Patrick's Convent School.  One of Kay's brothers, Ray, also attended St Patrick's where he took Commercial.  It seems the norm that friendships forged as children at St Patrick's last a lifetime. Kay is no exception as she still cherishes the friendships and keeps in contact with some of her school friends. 

Kay loves to sketch but her niece, Betty Simms,  tells me that she is also a very talented painter.  For this lovely additiion to our School Blog I am very grateful to my good friend Betty Simms and to her amazing Aunt, Kay Simms McCormack.  Long may you continue to paint and sketch, Kay, and we would be delighted to see more of your work.  Thanks very much and may God bless you.