Thursday, 28 August 2014


Enid Stanford O'Brien  shared this beautiful picture with us.  Any of you who went to Holy Heart will recognize the "Cor Unum" visible on the corkboard as part of the motto of Holy Heart of Mary High School.  Who remembers the whole Latin motto and its English translation?

Elizabeth, Patricia, Barbara, Betty, Enid

This was indeed a very special occasion.   I will let Enid tell the story of the picture and the lovely young ladies.

"It was taken on graduation night at HHM Regional High School just before we went to the auditorium to get our diplomas. We all went to St. Patrick's (except Betty O'Leary) from Kindergarten until we graduated. 
They are as follows L-R: Elizabeth Roche, Patricia Squires, Barbara Singleton, Betty O'Leary and myself.  This picture would have been taken in 1962."
In those early days of Regional High Schools,  you graduated from Grade 8 at St Patrick's then went on to High School at Holy Heart of Mary to complete your education.  
Many thanks, Enid, for this post and for all the help you give us with this blog.  If anyone else out there has anything they would like to share, please send to us at and we will be delighted to post it here.
Oh, by the way, the motto was "Cor Unum Inter Nos" and its English translation is "One Heart Among Us".  I am sure we all remember that!   

Saturday, 23 August 2014


This is a very special post which I would like to dedicate to a friend and classmate, Geraldine Hearn Fitzgerald.  Gerri recently passed away and her sister, Carmelita, has given us this photo to post. 
Mary Butler Hearn with two of her three devoted daughters
The picture was taken at the 1987 St Patrick's School Reunion.  It is a beautiful picture of a mother and two of her daughters.  St Patrick's Girls all! 
The eldest daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Butler, Mary Frances Butler was born in 1914.  She was educated at St Patrick's Convent School and, after High School, Mary completed a commercial course.  In 1943 she married Raymond Hearn and they raised six children in a loving, caring home. 
Mary's daughters also attended St Patrick's Convent and Mary and her daughters joined old friends and classmates at the 1987 St Patrick's School Reunion.  The photo shows Mary between two of her devoted daughters, Gerri and Carmelita.  
Mary passed away in 2005 and, sadly, Gerri passed away on 16 August 2014.   May they both rest in the peace of their Lord whom they loved.
Many thanks, Carmelita, for sharing this lovely photo with us.  I am certain that it will bring back very happy memories for so many St Patrick's girls who knew your dear mother and sister.    

Monday, 11 August 2014


Another group of long-time friends recently met up to enjoy one another's company and reminisce about their school days at St Patrick's.  Again, I am grateful to Pat Hurley McDonald for the information & the photographs.   Keep the news and the pictures coming, ladies.  We all enjoy hearing where you are and what you are up to these days. 
This is what Pat told us:

"Janet (McGrath) Crane was home for a visit & a few of us who started school together got together at Poppa's Pier 17 in Churchill Square. A great way to see former schoolmates & catch up on their lives.

Those who attended were:

Mary Johnson, Janet McGrath, Maureen O'Brien, Pat Hurley, Kay Johnson, Bernadette Grouchy, Judy Comerford, Carmel Hayes and Cynthia Murphy."
Mary, Janet, Maureen, Kay, Bernadette, Judy,
Carmel, Pat, Cynthia

Mary Johnson, Janet McGrath, Maureen O'Brien, Kay Johnson, Bernadette Grouchy, Judy Comerford, Carmel Hayes, Pat Hurley, Cynthia Murphy

Judy, Maureen, Carmel, Bernadette, Janet, Cynthia,
Mary, Kay  (Pat must be the photographer this time)

It is really nice to see all of you again, even if it is just in pictures, and I hope we will hear lots more from all of you.  Current news and past memories are greatly appreciated.  Thanks again Pat for sharing this happpy meeting of friends.