Sunday, 24 May 2015


Still on the topic of First Communion and Confirmation, we have a Confirmation photo from the early 1940s and a First Communion & Confirmation Certificate from 1916.  
Confirmation Time for a group of Holy Cross Boys,
circa 1943
This is a photo of a group of Holy Cross boys on their Confirmation Day.  The date is not certain but it is definitely the early 1940s and most likely 1943.  Notice their red rosettes which,  by tradition, boys wore at their Confirmation.  White rosettes were worn for First Communion. 
We have just four names:
2nd Row:
6th left, Alexander (Duey) Fitzgerald
7th left, Derm? Molloy
Third Row:
6th left, John McAllister
Back Row
4th left, John Whalen 
If anyone out there can give us some more names please send them to us at
This is a First Communion and Confirmation Certificate in one and it records the First Communion and Confirmation of Ellen Josephine Williams.
First Communion &
Confirmation Certificate, 1916
A close up of the entry on the 1916 certificate

This is a very interesting certificate because it details three major events in the Sacramental life of a young Catholic. We see that Ellen Williams was Baptised in 1905, received First Holy Communion in the Church of St Patrick on the 10th June 1916. It doesn't give us the specific date of Confirmation but it does say that Ellen received "the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation in the same year", i.e 1916.
If you have First Communion or Confirmation photographs, certificates or stories that you would like to share with us, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Just send it along to us at

Saturday, 16 May 2015


It is May again and, as the old hymn says, "the month of Our Mother".  In days gone by, everyone at St Patrick's Convent School, and maybe at every other Catholic School too, wore a blue ribbon and medal in honour of Our Lady.  There were May Crownings, May Altars,  and hymns sung in honour of Mary, the Mother of Our Lord.  How long has it been since you saw one of these?  Did you ever wear one?
A May Medal & ribbon.  It was worn, in times past, in the month of May in honour of the
Blessed Virgin Mary.
I am indebted to Lynn Miller for this photo.  It is quite a few years since Lynn wore this but, obviously, she has lovingly saved it as a memento of her school days.  By the way, Lynn was a pupil of St Pius X School but she comes from a very long line of St Patrick's Girls!
Sharron MALONE Peet has sent us two beautiful photos of her First Holy Communion.  Sharron tells us: "I made my First Holy Communion May 29, 1956. Monsignor Murphy officiated. I remember his black patent leather shoes with the silver buckles. They made a big impression on a little girl from Flower Hill." 

I love the bit about the shoes!  If I am not mistaken, he also wore red socks.  Does anyone else remember the socks?  Msgr Murphy was our Parish Priest for about 25 years and I always thought he was very handsome.  

Sharron's First Holy Communion Class
In this beautiful group photo, Sharron is in the second row, sixth from the right.  Can you name anyone else in the picture?  If so, please send the names to us at and we will be happy to post them here.

Sharron's First Communion Day,
29th May 1956
This is a photo of Sharron in her First Communion Dress.  It is beautiful and we are so grateful to Sharron for sharing her happy First Holy Communion memories with us.
This photo is from a much earlier time.  It was sent to us by Frank McAllister.  Frank told us it is the 1946 First Communion Group, Holy Cross School. However, Frank neglected to tell us if he is in the photo.  Perhaps he could let us know and, hopefully, give us some other names too?
First Communion Class, 1946,
Holy Cross School
Thank you Lynn, Sharron and Frank for sharing these great pictures and memories.  If anyone else has a First Communion or Confirmation photo to share or a memento of school days at St Patrick's Convent School or Holy Cross School, please send them to us at

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Did you know that the Presentation Sisters were the first teachers in Newfoundland to introduce music into  schools on a daily basis?  Well, they were and it became an important part of the curriculum in their schools throughout the Island.  Perhaps we pupils, with our childish innocence, just took it all for granted, accepting the music, the singing, and the awards as just part of everyday school life.

Cathy Coffey has sent us a picture which is a happy reminder of the tense, scary, happy, exciting, wonderful  days of participating in (and winning!) the Kiwanis Music Festival.
Cathy said:
"Here's a gem from the past! I recognize Judy Squires, Joanne Dodd, Cathy Handrigan, Jean Power, Michelle Squires, Karen Mugford, Moya Moakler (?), Rhonda Ryall, Michelle Evans, Denise Fisher, myself - Cathy (Taylor), and of course, Sister Brendan!!"
Thank you so much, Cathy, for sharing this lovely memory.  It really is a "gem".

This is a comment, from 'Anonymous', which was left in the comments section below.  To make it more accessible to everyone, I am adding it to the blog post.  Here is the comment:
"There were a few errors made when identifying the girls in the above picture. The girl in the glasses in front of Sr Brendan is Janet Peddle. To her left is Moya Greene and to her right is Louise Handrigan (not Cathy). Right in front to the left is Tish Mallard and the taller girl to her left is Ann Marie Tobin. The long blond haired girl right behind her is Jean Power. Denise Fisher is the girl with her chin cut off up front. Behind her is Michelle Evans and to her left is (I believe) Jean Power's twin, Joan. But I may be wrong on that one."

Thanks, Anonymous, for taking the time to comment.  Does anyone have anymore suggestions as to names?  I leave it in your good hands!

Another choir member has left a comment today (13 October 2015) & because it includes more names I am going to publish the comment here for all to see.  Thanks Teri Healey.
"I see my face poking out between the Mallard girl (who I actually thought was Helen, but I could be wrong) & Ann Marie Tobin. My name was Teresa (as the Nuns called me but I went by Teri) Healey, from Brine Street. Thanks for sharing the picture!!"

Madonna L Ryan-Gorner has left a comment with a little more information on the names of the girls in the photo. Here is what Madonna said:
"I agree with the corrections that Anonymous made, except for which Mallard girl that is. I was in the same grade as Moyà, Janet & Louise, and Tish was in our same grade. That little girl looks too young for Grade 8. The picture was taken in 1968, not sure if that was mentioned."

Thank you Madonna.

It is great to see that people are browsing the blog and still looking at older posts.  I have a comment from Helen Mallard Campbell that I am posting because it corrects the name of another singer. Here is Helen's comment "HI This is Helen Mallard and the Mallard Girl in the Pic Is Elizabeth Mallard my double first cousin. I am there too but you can't see me. Hope this helps Thanks." Helen, thank you for your help.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Our first two photos show the results of hard work and study.  Actually, it is the same photograph, flipped around to show the writing on both sides.  It is a picture of Carol Ann's Grade 2 Report Card.  Carol Ann  successfully completed Grade 2 and earned promotion to Grade 3.  Her Grade 2 teacher was Miss Barbara Myler. The School Principal was the lovely Miss Nellie Rogers who was taken from us far too soon.
However, these photos from Carol Ann HAYES Kelloway prove that school definitely isn't ALL work and study!
Mrs Doreen Noseworthy's Baby Shower
Carol Ann informed us that this picture was taken at a Baby Shower given for teacher, Mrs Doreen Noseworthy.  Mrs Noseworthy is on the left of the photo and Miss Eleanor Lawton is on the right of the photo.  Mrs Noseworthy, a former pupil of St Patrick's, taught for many years at her alma mater.  Miss Lawton was a music teacher of long standing at St Patrick's.
This happy group is Mrs Broderick's Grade 8 Class enjoying an outing to Holy Cross Park, Holyrood in 1978.
Here are some of Mrs Linehan's 1979 Grade 9 Class.  They are all dressed up and more than ready to enjoy their Graduation Party. 

Diane Fitzpatrick has given us the names of the girls in the Graudation Party photo. 
They are L-R:  Jeannie Handrigan in the white dress, then Mary Dinn, behind in red is Diane Fitzpatrick, Kim Ducey Parrell wearing vest, next is Margie Moores then Helen Wadden.  Thank you Diane.
Carol Ann, are you able to give us names for any of the girls in the pictures?   It would be great if you could.  Anyway, thanks for sharing these photographs.  They are certainly reminders of of happy times.