Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I am so pleased to post this  photograph which Peggy Pridham has sent to us. It is a picture of Peggy and her five sisters, all in their St Patrick's Convent School Uniforms. If six sisters at the same school at the same time  isn't unique, then surely it must  be extraordinary!

This is the email Peggy sent with the photo.

"This is a picture of me and my sisters when we all attended St Patrick's School. It was taken by our neighbors son, Bill Croke."

Peggy has very helpfully included everyone's name. From left to right Betty, Sheila, Marie, Peggy, Angela and Joan.  Sadly, Joan is now deceased.
This wonderful picture is bound to stir the memories of school mates of the Pridham Sisters.  Thank you very much, Peggy, for sharing  it with us.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It is time for another Holy Cross post. These pictures were received from several people and they span quite a few years. Thanks to Cynthia & Ted, Frank, Charlene and good old Anonymous. Here's a little secret. Since I have been doing this School Blog, I have received so many communications from 'Anonymous' that I have finally learned to spell 'Anonymous' correctly. A few months ago my little great-niece told me that "every day is a learning experience, for children AND grown ups". She was right!
Charlene's photo of a group of Holy Cross Boys in 1928. 
Don't you just love the School ties?

Frank's class photo from 1953/54
Ted's  picture of the School Army Cadets.  It's a great photo with lots of familiar faces
Thanks to Anonymous for this photo of Holy Cross
Basketball Champs, 1979
Now, thanks to Thomas Barrett, we have the names of the young Junior Basketball Champs.  They are;
Front, L-R, John Mills, Frank Squires, Darren Pike, Sean Dawe, Brian Walsh, Bill McAllister
Back, L-R, Rick Barrett, Maurice Lyver, Barry Walsh, Ken Gibbons, Ken Holden, David Hamilton, John Power, Rev Br Marion.
I hope you good people out there will be able to supply some names of the boys and the Brothers in these pictures.  A very big thank you to Charlene, Cynthia and Ted, Frank and, of course, Anonymous.  These are beautiful pictures and we are very grateful to you for sharing them.
Send your photographs and stories to us at and we will be pleased to post them here on the St Patrick's Convent School Blog and on the School facebook page.