Saturday, 10 May 2014


Today, 27th June 2017, I am re-posting this  with the addition of an email I received from Noreen Culleton Press. Noreen has come up with some more names plus an added bit of information which I didn't know. Here is Noreen's email.

"Hi Beth Anne,
My cousin’s son emailed me with the link to your blog, as he had seen my name in a class picture. Pat Hurley McDonald had posted a picture on May 10/14.

I was in Grade 4 in this picture. It was a Grade 5 class. There was a row of Grade fours, as there wasn't enough room in the Deanery Avenue School for all the Grade Fours. In the first row, I have Helena Turner as the 1st ?, Patsy Dinn as the 2nd ?, and Mary Healey as the 3rd ?.

In the 2nd Row, I don't have a name for the 1st ?. I have Catherine Sheehan instead of Patricia Penney. I don't know which one is correct. I have Stella Brazil for the 2nd?.

In the 3rd Row I have Bonnie Guy instead of Elizabeth Guy. I have a last name Grant for the 1st?. I have Maureen Healey for the 2nd ?. I have Elizabeth Pynn for the 3rd ?, and Patsy O'Keefe for the 4th ?. I have no name for the 5th?.

In the 4th row, I have Maureen Walsh instead of Sharon Walsh. I have no name for the 1st ?. I have Ellen Dobbin for the 2nd ?.

My name is Noreen(Culleton)Press.



This picture comes courtesy of Pat Hurley McDonald.  It is Pat's Grade 6 Class, 1959/60.  Pat has also identified many of the girls but a few names are missing.  If you can name any of the unidentified girls in this photo we would appreciate hearing from you with the names.  Oh, yes, the teacher's name was Sr Mary Immaculata.  Lots of corridor mopping that year girls? 

Grade 6, 1959/60
"Grade 6 – Sister Immaculata's Class probably 1959/60

I think the first person in this first row half cut out of the picture is Carmel Hayes
1st Row L – R:  Rosemary Bishop,  ?,  Patricia Hurley, Catherine Sheehan, ?, Janet McGrath, Catherine Walsh, Noreen Culleton, ?.

2nd Row:  Sheila Moriarty, ?, Elizabeth Guzzwell, Margaret McManus, Brenda Murphy, Ann Marie Cleary, Phyllis Reardon, Patricia Penney, ?, Diane Flynn, Elizabeth Finch, Maureen O'Brien.
3rd Row:  Elizabeth Guy, Catherine Tobin, ?, Geraldine McDonald, Carol Ann Fowler, Margie Whitty,?, ?, Esther Scott, ?,?.

4th Row:  Trudy Ashley, Sharon Griffen, Kay Johnson, Sharon Walsh, Nancy Stanley, Joan Roy, Diane Mulcahy, Sheelah Hurley, ?, Sheila Moyst, ?, ?, Sharon Perchard"
I am sorry, I was unable to make the photo any clearer.  Thank you Pat for sharing this photo.  I am always delighted to receive  photographs.

Thank you Noreen for taking the time to update us.  I find it very interesting that grade 4s and 5s shared a classroom. Although I was at St Patrick's at that time, I wasn't aware of the sharing.  Of course, thanks again to Pat Hurley McDonald for the original post.  I hope to hear from both of you again soon.