Wednesday, 22 August 2012


For this great photo and the information, I have to thank Enid (Stanford) O'Brien.  I am sure many memories will be revived with this picture & with Enid's anecdotes.  Thanks very much, Enid.


I am attaching a photo of St. Patrick's Convent School girls.  I believe this might be Sister Immaculata's Class (Grade 6) or Mrs. Whelan's Class (Grade 7) taken about 1956/57.  The names are as follows:"

St Patrick's Convent School, Patrick St, about 1956

"Row 1 (L-R) Florence Furey, Carol Ann Mealey, Rhonda Flynn, Elizabeth Roche, Janet Cochrane, Betty Rodgers, Frances Kidney, Jeannie Fitzgerald, Barbara Crotty.

Row 2 (L-R) Joan Rumsey, Geraldine Reddy, Nancy Cole,  Zita King, Elizabeth White, Sheila Pridham, Jackie Sears, Cynthia Reddy, Helen Power, Anna Whelan, Marietta Dillon, Rosemary Grouchy and Thelma Walsh

Row 3 (L-R) Patricia Nelder, Marcia Hurley, Margaret Kent, Shirley Walsh, Emma Doyle, Carmelita Hearn, Betty Royle, Peggy Boggan, Maureen Manning, Eileen Healey, Enid Stanford, Andrea Meaney

Row 4 (L-R) Sheila Ellis, Jeanette Barnes, Madelene Roy, Marie Evans, Theresa Brewer, Patricia Squires

As far as I know there are two people on this picture gone to their eternal reward, ie, Andrea Meaney and Jacqueline Sears.

The things I remember most about Sister Immaculata was her presence at the door checking if the students had a rubber bag, if not, leave your boots by the door.  The school was new at that time and she wanted it spotless.  The thing I enjoyed about her class was that she lent us books to bring home to read, ie, Nancy Drew, Little Women, etc.  Also, I enjoyed her needlework class on Wednesday.  Even though I was a bit afraid of her I know looking back she had a good heart. 

Other memories I have of St. Patrick`s was the Sale of Work.  Everyone brought milk, sugar, etc and the nuns made cookies and fudge.  Tables with white cloths were set out in classrooms of the old school and it was the first time I ever saw sugar cubes for tea.  I thought it was all so grand. 

Also, I remember a Capt O`Grady coming up to teach us how to march.  We practised out in the playground.  We all marched when the Portuguese fishermen brought the Lady of Fatima statues to the cathedral.  All Catholic schools were in that  parade.  We wore our uniforms and white tams on our heads. 

Happy times, good memories.


Saturday, 18 August 2012


As promised, here are the names of the 1979 faculty of St Patrick's Convent School, Patrick St.  How many did you recognise? 

 Faculty, St Patrick's Convent School,  1979

Ms Patricia Laidley, Miss Sharon Reddy, Sr Anne Hickey, Mrs Anna Meaney, Sr M Luke Parsley (Principal), Mr E Hajek, Mrs K Warren, Mrs Patricia Philpott
Mrs Doreen Noseworthy, Mrs S Wade, Miss Eleanor Lawton, Mrs D O'Brien, Mrs A Broderick, Miss D Power, Miss A Greene
Mrs M Coughlan, Sr M Brendan Lynch, Mrs Roseanne Linehan, Mrs Helen Hannon, Mrs M McGrath, Mrs Anne Pennell

Thursday, 16 August 2012


This post consists of e-mails and comments between YVONNE McISAAC and myself and an interesting  comment from CHRISTINE (BARRY) CHIPMAN.  Yvonne had some interesting memories and she has kindly given me permission to share them.  Also, Yvonne would love to hear from any former classmates.  She can be contacted at 

"I remember my school days at St. Patrick's like it was yesterday, but they were in the 60's.  Sister Luke (principal), Sister Brendan (choir), Miss Lawton (piano) and the list goes on. I live in Ottawa now, but there was a time when I visited Ottawa as a girl with the St. Patrick's choir and we sang at the National Arts Centre...what a wonderful memory. I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to visit the school again, as my niece attended school there (I can't remember the name of it off hand) and what a great experience it was to see the old classrooms, the halls and the basement. 

I'll never forget the day when I was in class there, that Holy Cross across the street caught fire.  My brothers were students there but thankfully everyone was safe. 

Sister Luke was a wonderful principal and I remember her so well.

Those green uniforms will never be forgotten for sure!

God Bless all the St. Patrick's Girls."

"Good Morning Yvonne

Thank you for these lovely sentiments.  I was at St Patrick's in the 50s but like you, I remember those days like it was yesterday.  I have nothing but happy memories of my school days, the girls & the nuns.  I was working when Holy Cross burned but we heard at work that the school was on fire & we rushed from work to Patrick St.  I remember standing outside St Patrick's with a crowd of people watching the dear old school in flames.  A lot of people, including me, had tears streaming down their faces.  It was indeed a very sad day but, as you said, thankfully nobody was hurt.

Sr Luke was my Grade 8 teacher & she was just fantastic.  She is now about 93 years old & I still keep in touch with her.

Would you have any photos of your time at St Patrick's or any more stories or memories?  If you do I would love to post them on the blog for all to share.  Actually, the memories that you have shared in this comment would make a good post.  Would you mind if I posted it for all to see?  If you do have anything that you would like to share with all those great St Patrick's girls all over the world, you could e-mail it to me at & I would post it on the blog but keep your e-mail address private unless you say otherwise.

Anyway Yvonne, it is really good to hear from you & thanks again for your very interesting comment.  Take care &, as you say, God bless all St Patrick's Girls."

yvonne mcisaac

Good morning!  Thanks for such a pleasant reply.

Please feel free to print my comments and also my email address.  I'd love to hear from other ladies who attended this school.

Actually I noticed my sister's photo (Roxanne Cullen Przybysz) in the class photo with Mrs. Green.  She's 9 years younger than I am and was one of the St. Patrick’s cheerleaders ... I remember her and the others participating in the Santa Claus Parade.

What lovely memories!

Keep in touch.   :)

O K ladies, if you know Yvonne, she would be delighted to hear from you so send her an e-mail at  


"By 1979 I was no longer at St Pat's however I do remember Mrs Greene.  I remember we had 2 Mrs Greenes, a Mrs Cathy Greene (who was my grade 4??  teacher in 1969-1970) and this lady who was a Mrs Angela Greene!!

I wish someone would send in more of these class pics say from
-Mrs Warren
-Mrs Burry
-Mrs O'Brien
-Mrs Linehan so many fine teachers and of course Sr. Luke!!!!
Thank you-- Christine (Barry) Chipman

PS- have to post as anonymous as only way it would."

This photo is for Yvonne and for Christine.  How many can you identify?  I will post the names next post.