Sunday, 23 June 2013


Today's post is a great photo of Miss Carew's Grade 8 class of 1950.  It was very kindly loaned by Doreen Heffernan.  The photo was taken in the convent garden and, as usual, the photographer was Sr M Immaculata.  The pupils were able to purchase copies of the pictures for the princely sum of 10 cents!  We can smile at that I suppose but I am very grateful to the parents who scraped up the 10 cents and to the girls who have shared their photos with us.  I think an immense debt is owed to Sr Immaculata for the wonderful photographic record she has left us.   I just wish the teachers had joined the girls on these photographs!
Anyway, with thanks to Doreen, here is Miss Carew's Grade 8 class of 1950.  Anyone here you know?  Does anyone know anything about Miss Carew? 
Miss Carew's Grade 8 class, 1950

Front Row: Shirley Walsh, Lorraine Nugent
2nd Row: Joan Turner, Cecelia Byrne, Mary Tobin, Anna Tobin, Helen Power, Doreen McAllister, Patsy Picco, Joan Kerrivan, Pauline McDonald, Anne Buckingham
3rd Row: Margie Kavanagh, Blanche Green, Margie Stafford, Tess Dunphy, Madeline Kavanagh, Lorraine Holden, Dorothy Nugent, Lorraine Doran, Marie Cunningham, Helen Hickey,
4th Row: Joan Skinner, Joan Tobin, Shirley McDonald, Pauline Corbett, Mary Hawco, Betty Hayes

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


This is a picture sent to me by Enid O'Brien and her sister, Joan (Stanford) Dutile. It is Joan's Grade 4 picture from about 1950.  It is a great picture and I only wish that Mother John was on it.  Have you noticed that in  the class pictures from the 50s and 60s the teachers were seldom in the photo?   I wonder why?  Perhaps they were just shy!  On that thought, if anyone has  pictures of any of the teachers, they would make great posts here.  You could send them to me at

I love the background to this picture too.  I am no expert on architecture but I know what I like and I love the look of the Convent in the background.  It is a really beautiful building.  Also, note the washing on the line.  By the way it is blowing, I would say it was an ideal day for drying clothes!
Mother John's Grade 4 Class, circa 1950
Front Row L-R:
Kathleen Dobbin, Emily Bishop, Lorraine Sheehan, Rosemary Ashley, Joan Abbass, Yvonne Beck, Margaret Miller, Mary Bulger, Brenda Casey, Brenda Molloy, Andrea Martin, Eleanor Sears and Joan Predham.
2nd Row:
Mary Whelan, Catherine Corbett, Rita Kielly, Joan Reynolds, Joan Ryan, Joan Connolly, Irene Viscount, Barbara Ryan, Joan Byrne, Ruth Howell, Patricia McCarthy, Marie Madden, Barbara Mahoney
3rd Row:
Joan O'Dwyer, Margaret Hynes, Marie Fitzgerald, Gertrude Cleary, Betty Antle, Joan Stanford, Mary English and Mary Farrell
Many thanks to Joan & Enid.  I could not keep this blog going without the help of people like you so I am very grateful to you for your support.