Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Mary Elaine (Walsh) Barrett attended St Patrick’s from September 1963 to June 1972, Grades 1-9.  School life began for Mary Elaine in September 1963 at St Patrick’s on Deanery Avenue where she did Grade 1 and Grade 2.  Grade 3 brought a move to the newer building on Patrick Street and, having completed Grade 9, Mary Elaine graduated from St Patrick’s in June 1972.  

This treasure of a photo comes courtesy of Mary Elaine and I think it will awaken some memories for a lot of people.  The picture is of the legendary Miss Margaret Murphy and her last Grade 1 Class at St Patrick’s.  It was taken at the June Concert in 1964.

The Legendary Miss Margaret Murphy with her  Last Class,
June 1964

Mary Elaine has identified most of the girls in the photo. 

FRONT ROW: ?, Sharon Downey,  ?,  ?,  ?.
2ND ROW: Cathy Auchinleck, ?, Ann Marie Galway, Michelle Squires, ?, Ann Marie Fitzpatrick, Michelle Evans.
3RD ROW: Mary Ann Dawe, Janie Simms, Beverly Holden, Janet Jardine, Suzanne Power, Linda Curtis.

FRONT ROW : ?, Gina Kielly, ?, ?, Regina Power, Madonna Bruce.
2nd row: Mary Elaine Walsh, Yvonne Hamlyn, Sheila Handrigan, Susan Holloway, ?, ?, ?, Janet Lawlor.
3RD ROW: Lorraine Taylor, Brenda Shapter, Elaine OBrien, ?, Sharon Fitzpatrick.
Mary Elaine said; “I think the first girl in the front row on the left is Debbie Crotty, also the 4th girl in the back row on the left may be Corrine Murphy”.

****I would like to add another name to the list. A comment from 'Anonymous' identifies the 4th girl in the front row on the right as Carol Ann Thomas. Thanks for your help 'Anonymous'.

The sash which Miss Murphy is wearing around her neck has the names of all the girls in the class.  The sash and flowers were presented to Miss Murphy by Michelle Evans and Mary Elaine Walsh on behalf of the class.  Does anyone know where that wonderful sash is now?

Mary Elaine has sent a copy of the concert program too.  I am sorry I can't reproduce it any better.  I hope you can read it because it is another gem from the past.

The Concert Program

Mary Elaine, I have certainly enjoyed this jaunt down Memory Lane and I am very grateful to you for sharing your photographs and memories with us.  I think a lot of others out there will feel the same.  Thank you so very much!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


The Plaque which was on the Deanery Avenue School

Since this is Memorial Day in Newfoundland, I thought this was a good photo to post here.  As children when we were filing in & out of the doors of St Patrick's on Deanery Ave we probably took no notice of the plaque on the side of the door.
The plaque indicated that the school, our school, was built as a memorial to the men & boys of St Patrick's Parish who gave their all in the mud and the blood and the gas and the unspeakable horror of "the war to end all wars"! 
Now we can appreciate just what those young men of our Parish sacrificed.  Today, on the Anniversary of Beaumont Hamel, where so many young men were killed or maimed, let us remember those who came before us, those who died & those who grieved for them.  Let's also remember just what this plaque & the school to which it was attached meant to that generation.
May they all rest in peace and, please God, may we all live in peace.