Thursday, 29 August 2013


Sincere Congratulations to Sister  Mary Mark Kennedy who recently celebrated her 100th Birthday.    Sr Mark will be remembered with affection by the many girls who knew her in the late 1950s early 1960s  when she was Principal of St Patrick's. 
Sr Marie Furey (a St Patrick's Girl) 
and Sr Mark Kennedy, 2009

Monday, 12 August 2013


I post here an interesting note that I received some time ago from Brenda Murphy Sheir. 

Brenda said:
"How about Miss Hayes, God love her! She used to sell the scribblers with the holy pictures on them and also the holy picture cards. She was a very kind lady to my family and I am sure to other families. I started St. Patrick's I believe in 1958 as I was born in Oct. 1953. I graduated in1966. Spent 67, 68, 69 and finally Business Course at Holy Heart in 1970. I was the oldest of 6 girls who all went to St. Patrick's, Brenda, Allison, Karen, Mary Lou, Connie and Geraldine Murphy. We grew up at 554 Water St, just below Patrick St. What a wonderful neighbourhood to grow up in. My first girlfriend was Patricia Lee from Deanery Avenue and later we were joined by Isabelle Fleet who grew up on Plank Road. The families were all united and I am so blessed to have grown up where I did and have been educated at St. Patrick's and brought up in the Catholic faith at St. Patrick's. Some of my school chums were Brenda Peddle, Diane Darcy, Sharon Dinn, Marilyn Murphy, Janet Bradbury, Cookie Martin, Theresa Prim, Mary Graham, Regina Whelan, Pamela Mulcahy, Allison Wakeham just to quickly name a few. God bless each and every one of the girls and teachers that I spent kindergarten to grade 8 with.
Love to you all.
Brenda Murphy Sheir"
It is a lovely e-mail and I am sure most of us, if not all, remember Miss Jenny Hayes.  She operated the little shop on Water St and she was so kind and patient with all the girls and boys who crowded into her shop.  She was often assisted in the shop by her friend, Marian Fitzpatrick, who was also very nice.  At lunchtime the shop was full of Holy Cross boys and St Patrick's girls who lived too far away to go home for dinner.  (The schools had no cafeterias in those days.) There the girls and boys all sat, on chairs or upturned Coke boxes, and ate their lunches from brown paper bags. Miss Hayes would be busy serving the children who called in for their two cents or five cents worth of candies.  Remember thos big glass jars, full of all kinds of delicious candies, some two for a cent.  Some were even more than TWO for a cent.  And who could forget those delicious snowballs that you could get for just five cents?
The white car is coming out of Patrick St and the
little shop operated by Miss Jenny Hayes was about
the third building up from there. 
Sorry I don't have a better picture but if
anyone has one to share, I'd be grateful
The Bus Stop was just up a little from the shop and, in bad weather, Miss Hayes allowed the bus-riding school children to wait inside her shop until their bus came.  Miss Jenny Hayes truly was a good and kind lady. 

Thank you Brenda for reminding us of Miss Hayes.  If anyone has any memories of Miss Hayes, we would love for you to share them with us.  Also, if any of the friends that Brenda mentioned are reading this, please get in touch.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Cindy Stone has sent me this lovely picture on behalf of her mother-in-law, Lillian Hynes Stone.  Lillian said that it is her grade six class picture and it was taken about 1950.  Lillian has also given us the names of the girls in the picture.  Notice that the girls are all wearing white tams.  Some are wearing or holding white gloves also.  Does anyone know if this was the full school uniform or would this have been a special occasion?  The only school hat I ever remember wearing  was that brown and blue beanie at Holy Heart so  I would appreciate anything you can tell me about the white tams and gloves.
B Mason, B Broderick, L Lavigne, J Murphy, F Murphy, H O'Brien, M O'Brien
C Dwyer, A Cahill, B Curvin, C Dawe, M O'Brien, S Howell, F Cook, A Green, J Connolly, C Walsh, A Kavanagh, M Lou Ryan, H Doran
J Snow, C Breene, H Hearn, D Ryan, M McDonald, M Voisey, R Whelan, L Hynes, N Collins, M Antle, J Kilfoy
M O'Brien, B Nugent, T Robinson, G Adams, C Nolan, C Hearn, M Crane, C Whelan, M Healey 
Lillian, thank you very much for sharing this  picture with us.  Please know that your support is greatly appreciated.   Thanks also to Cindy for sending the picture.