Friday, 22 June 2012


I am posting this picture at the request of 'Anonymous'.  'Anonymous' is on this picture (I have no idea which little girl is 'Anonymous') and she has told me that she would love to see it posted on the blog.  So here it is my friend, just for you.


FRONT ROW L-R:  K Hickey, D McDonald, A Murphy, P Murphy, D White, M Pitcher, K Matthews, A Barron, T Locke, Mrs A Greene

2nd ROW:    T Greening, J Cobbs, D Piercy, M Avery, L Walsh, H McDonald, D Tobin, L Mason

3rd ROW:     D Tucker, A M Fagan, M Kavanagh, T Ennis, R Cullen, S Rossiter, L Marshall, K Murphy, L O'Connell

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


As I said in a previous post, HOLY CROSS SPORTS DAY 1959, it is almost impossible to think St Patrick's without thinking Holy Cross too.  Our brothers went to Holy Cross and so did most of the boys we had our eye on way back then.  With that in mind, I am posting a picture of the Grade 11 Class of 1957.  Many of you will have brothers on this picture (I do) and you will all know someone on it, I think.  So see how many you can recognise and if you need a little help, the names are below the photograph.  Enjoy this little stroll down memory lane.

FRONT, L-R:  D O'Toole, K Sheehan, E Coady, J Fitzgerald, F Galgay, J Ennis, B Neville, E Parrell
2nd ROW:  N Coffey, D Murphy, B Whelan, D Ryan, G Hall,  B Gardner
3rd ROW:   P Carew, L Shortall, E Power, L Nolan, C Williams, K Finney
4th ROW:   John Whelan, F Baxtrome, C O'Leary, R Murphy, B Croke, R Sheehan
5th ROW:     F Squires, D French, E Foran, J Neville, J Dooley, G Jardine
6th ROW:    K Kerrivan, R Snow, P Hurley, D Jones, J Coady, B Fowler, M McAllister, Jim Whelan

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Today's post is a real humdinger!  Enid (Stanford) O'Brien has sent me a photograph of the St Patrick's Basketball Team of 1955/56.  I didn't even know that we had a Basketball team way back then.   In my opinion, the Nuns were wonderful ladies but not terribly progressive when it came to clothing.  I didn't have a problem with their clothing - it was ours that was the bugbear.  The team must have had the same thought as Enid said,   

"Apparently the uniforms were not permitted to be any shorter than one inch above the knee.  As some of the other schools could wear shorts and have shorter uniforms, the girls thought they were at a disadvantage while running".  

Those long black stockings couldn't have been a big help either.


Left to Right: M Sorenson, ??,  B King, J Wadden, A Hamlyn, C Whelan, M O’Brien, R Stanford, J Galway, Y Snow, B Nugent, P Silver, A Mercer, ??, S Cole, M Madden,
Centre: M English (Captain)

Two names are missing so if anyone out there knows who they are, please get in touch.
Enid said that she has  two sisters who attended St Patrick's, Joan and Rosemary.  Rosemary played on the Basketball team.  From the lineup of trophies on this picture, the team must have been pretty good, despite the length of their uniforms!
Thank you, Enid, for this wonderful picture.  It is a real treat and I look forward to some more gems from you.  

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I have had some interesting e-mails concerning this blog.  The senders have given me their permission to share them with you in a post.

The first one is from Eleanor Dalton and it concerns a post that I did on 4th April 2011, RAISING MONEY FOR THE NEW SCHOOL, (click here) and I am very pleased to post Eleanor's e-mail below.

"Hi Beth Anne
Sr M Josephine, Nellie Williams
and Sr M Agnes.  The Sisters are
Eleanor's Great Aunts and Nellie
is my dear Mother.
I enjoy this blog very much as well as interesting. Looked at a photo of your mother with Sister Agnes and Sister Josephine.  These two sisters are my GREAT AUNTS; they also had another sister (Sister Zita).  My grandmother was Margaret Hallernan and married John Sutton. My mother Bessie also had two sisters in the Mercy Order, Sister Mary Andrea and Sister Mary Edmund. I will look for some pictures I think I may have one picture with all three Sisters.
Hope to see you before you head back to the UK.
Take Care

The next e-mail I received is from Mark Fardy.  Mark had some interesting comments about the post I did on 22nd April 2012, SR MARY XAVERIA FARDY, (click here).  Here is Mark's e-mail.

"Hello Beth Ann,
Sr M Xaveria Fardy,
Mark's Great Aunt
Your blog entry showed up in one of my Google auto-updates. Sister Xaveria was my GREAT AUNT. She also taught piano to both of my sisters (Marie and Joanne) each of whom also graduated from St. Patrick's (1978 and 1981 respectively).  My wife, Michelle Brennan, is also a grad (1977).
It was great to read your article, thanks Beth Ann.
Mark Fardy"

I also received an e-mail from Dora Reid.  Dora is interested in a School reunion.  I think many of you would be interested in a reunion so I am posting Dora's e-mail for all to read.  If you are planning a reunion or know of any that might be taking place, please let us know & we will give you all the publicity that we can.  Here is Dora's e-mail.
"Hello and good day!
I just viewed this website and found your e-mail address.
I was wondering if and when there will be a reunion for the students from the 80's. The principal was Sister Cecelia, Sister Regina, and all the wonderful teachers. I remember everything and everyone so well. A trip down memory lane with old friends would be fantastic, as the older teachers are getting older.
Thanks for your time, God bless
Dora Reid"

Thanks to Eleanor, Mark and Dora for these informative and interesting e-mails.  Your input is greatly valued. I appreciate all the help I can get in maintaining this blog so I welcome all photos, stories, memories, comments and e-mails.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


This event took place in Preston, Lancashire, England, last June.  It created a bit of a controversy but, since today is the Feast of Corpus Christi, I thought I would post the video anyway.  I think, in today's world, it took a lot of faith as well as a lot of courage to publicly proclaim in this manner the reality of Christ's real presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  What do you think?