Thursday, 21 September 2017


Pat Hurley McDonald has sent us a nice photo of herself and some St Patrick's school mates who recently shared a very enjoyable lunch date. On 12th September the friends dined at The Royal Canadian Legion Restaurant in Pleasantville.  
Lunching Ladies
The ladies are L-R:
Sheila Moyst, Lila Mercer, Judy Comerford, Carol Cromwell, Pat Hurley, Cynthia Murphy 

As always, a good time was had by all and another get together is now being organised. 

Thank you Pat.  We are always pleased to receive news of what St Patrick's girls (and boys) are doing these days.  So, please keep meeting up and please keep us informed.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Fr Wayne Dohey is the well loved parish priest of St Patrick's who, sadly for St Patrick's, is moving on to continue his good work in another parish.  Fr Wayne, his enthusiasm, his kindness, his dedication and his brilliant smile will be sorely missed.  Thank you Fr Wayne and may God bless you abundantly.
The Incomparable Father Wayne Dohey
Mary Lou Mallard Tucker has sent us this touching tribute to Fr Wayne. 

"Father Wayne Dohey
St Patrick’s Parish

Can anyone predict what is in God’s  plan
When we arrive to this uncertain  world?
Unforeseen circumstances do  sometimes happen
Which can put one’s life in a twirl.

Father, all that you have been  through,
You have been through many tests.
God definitely sees the whole  picture
As Satan hates Christian happiness.

God presented us with a wonderful  man of the cloth
Who will always go that extra mile.
You try to preach to Cod’s children  everywhere
With a compassionate heart, which  is so your style.

Your brilliant mind teaches all of us
We should live out God’s holy word.
In the future we will try to  remember
Your powerful words which we  have heard.

You are going where you are  needed now
Your full time work at St Patrick’s  done.
It is with deep sadness that is felt  in all of our hearts
As our parish priest, you are our  special one.

We will all miss you!

Mary Lou Tucker and Family"

Mary Lou, thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Fr Wayne will indeed be missed.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Pat Hurley McDonald has sent us some really great pictures that will cause all our memory banks to go into overdrive!

Pat tells us that she and her sister, Catherine Hurley Teed, visited St Patrick's last week. As you are all aware, St Patrick's is now Lakecrest, a very well respected independent school. Pat said that the Principal graciously allowed them to tour the school which, understandably, brought back some great memories.

Pat has kindly shared her lovely photos of their visit. Get your hankies ready!

The beautifully maintained Lakecrest School, formerly St Patrick's Convent School
Pat Hurley McDonald  visiting her Alma Mater
Catherine Hurley Teed  visiting her old school
Thanks to Sr Immaculata, to us and our hours of mopping, this original floor still looks like new.  Be proud all you "moppers".
Catherine and Pat at the School door and not a "Rubber Bag"
in sight!
Pat, thank you very much for sharing these delightful pictures with us. Having seen them, all our heads will be buzzing with memories.

Friday, 8 September 2017


We are long overdue for a Holy Cross Post so here is one from 1960.  Do you know anyone on it?

Young Champs!  How many can you name?

We have some names but we hope someone can fill in the blanks for us.
FRONT, L-R: Fred Noftall, ?, ?, James Murphy, Paul Meaney,?, ?,
Back, L-R: Tom Healey, ?, John Whitty, ? Healey, Kevin Walsh, Br Fahey
Br Fahey, the coach .  (Nice Brush Cut!)

Friday, 1 September 2017


It is that time again!  Time to say good bye to the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" and get down to study again as schools across the Province reopen. I am sure we all remember that "butterflies in the stomach" feeling as we trudged off to school on the first day back in September. Who will be our new teacher?  Will she be nice?  Will we be in for a tough year?  Will we have to hide her slapper? 
It was a memorable experience heading off to Holy Heart of Mary for the very first time. Leaving St Patrick's was a sad and difficult time for some girls.  I know I left with sadness & with just a little fear and trepidation.  Holy Heart was such a big school and so far away. No more racing through Thompson's Field in an effort to make it to St Patrick's on time. No more dawdling up Leslie Street, scuffing through the multi-coloured Autumn leaves as we made our way home for dinner.  Oh well, life goes on and so does school!  And, Holy Heart wasn't so bad once you got used to it.  It wasn't St Patrick's, but it was pretty good.

Well this photo, from an old ad from St John's best know Shoe Store, Parker & Monroe, will bring back some memories for ladies of a certain age.  I for one absolutely hated those Saddle Oxfords! How did you feel about them?  In any case, I loved the ad and I am so pleased to be able to share it with you here. 

Are you feeling a little nostalgic now? Just don't cry over your keyboard - you will clog up the keys!