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I am really pleased to be able to post this picture of an original St Patrick's School Ring.  This one belongs to Doreen Heffernan and she tells me that it was bought about 1948.  I had a St Patrick's School ring but mine was the newer version.  Unfortunately, I lost mine.   Some of you will remember the updated ring.  You may even have one.  If you do, I'd love to see a picture of it.  If you would like to share a picture of it, please send it to me at 

An original St Patrick's Convent School Ring,
circa 1948

Many thanks to Doreen for letting us photograph her ring and thanks to Lynn for modelling it!

Friday, 26 July 2013


I hope you have all read Parts 1 and 2 of this post.  If not you can do so by clicking here and here. Today's post features pictures from the final day of the 50th Anniversary Reunion for the class of 1958.
On Sunday 3rd August 2008, the 50th Anniversary Reunion celebrations drew to a close.  As they had done so often in their school days, the girls gathered once again at St Patrick's Church for Sunday Mass.  Joan said that the 11 o'clock Mass was celebrated by Fr Wayne Dohey who, in his lovely homily, acknowledged and welcomed them.  After Mass the school friends regrouped for Brunch at  Cabot Club, The Newfoundland Fairmont.
In the foreground;
Patricia McCarthy Philpott, Rita Kielly
and Joan Connolly Alston
Joan Predham Janes, Carmel Madden O'Mara
and Emily Bishop Monahan
(Sadly, these ladies have since passed away)
Madeline Adams Thomson, Eleanor Sears Vatcher,
Patricia McCarthy Philpott and Mary Morey Matheson

Most of the Class of 1958, at The Fairmont Newfoundland
Joan Reynolds Fogarty, the lovely lady
who has made this post possible
Thanks to Joan Reynolds Fogarty, we have this  wonderful pictorial record of the happy 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of 1958.  Friendship is a powerful thing. Its pull brought Yvonne Stephenson Meissner home from Claremont, Ontario, Mary Morey Matheson from Rothesay, New Brunswick and Irene Viscount McCrate from Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  I am sure it seems like only yesterday you were all sitting in the desks at dear old St Patrick's.    Although they loomed large at the time, Mother John, Sr Immaculata,  Homework and Rubber Bags were really only minor worries. Now they provide grist for the mill of nostalgia. 
Do any of you remember the School Song?  I have never heard it sung but I think the refrain is a fitting way to conclude this post.
"St Patrick's, St Patrick's,
You're Home away from Home.
St Patrick's, St Patrick's,
No matter where we roam,
You teach us and reach us
And down across the years
We'll think of you with happy smiles,
Only sometimes with tears.
We'll think of you with happy smiles
And sometimes with tears."
Joan Reynolds Fogarty, thank you very much for sharing this lovely celebration with us.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Following an exciting night of renewing old acquaintances and meandering down Memory Lane, the Class of 1958 met again the next evening, Saturday 2nd August.  This time the venue was the B I S where the celebrations continued with dinner and entertainment.  Dinner was an excellent hot and cold buffet and the first-rate entertainment was provided by the ladies themselves.  (If anyone reading this post has the grave misfortune of  being  unacquainted with any St Patrick's Girls, I hasten to inform you that St Patrick's Girls are multi-talented!)  

Catherine Corbett Stanley and Yvonne Stephenson Meissner
The late Carmel Madden O'Mara as Sr Immaculata
(note the infamous Rubber Bag)
Madeline Adams Thomson
Brenda Casey Grouchy, Carmel Madden O'Mara (deceased), Mary Bulger Corcoran, Mary Morey Matheson,
Irene Viscount McCrate, Joan Predham Janes (deceased)
Betty Fitzgerald Pye and Judy Fitzgerald Squires
For Part 1 see yesterday's post at this link.  For Part 3 of this Reunion, remember to look in again tomorrow.   Once again, thank you Joan for these great pictures.  I would guess that the entertainment provided much hilarity! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


In August 2008 St Patrick's girls from the class of 1958 held a 50th Anniversary Reunion.  The Reunion was a weekend event, beginning on Friday 1st August with a Meet and Greet with Wine and Cheese at the Botanical Gardens.  Joan Reynolds Fogarty attended the three day event and she has very kindly shared photos of that celebration with us.  As I said, it was a three day event and today I am posting the pictures from the first day, the Friday night Meet and Greet.  I think you will enjoy these pictures as much as I have so be sure to look in again tomorrow for more photos of the 2008 Reunion. 
Betty Antle Coffen, Kathleen Dobbin Benson,
Yvonne Stephenson Meissener, Mary Morey Matheson
Rosemary Ashley Healy, Carmel Madden O'Mara (deceased), and  Patricia Connolly Leonard
Mary Bulger Corcoran, Joan Connolly Alston,
Joan Predham Janes (deceased), Joan Ryan Cobb,
Mary Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald, Bonnie Beck Byrne,
Rita Kielly, Catherine Corbett Stanley

Barbara Parsons Macleod

Madeline Adams Thomson

Thank you, Joan. Without the help of people like you I could not keep this blog going so I am very grateful to you for your help and support.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Did you know that the very first Sodality of the Children of Mary in Newfoundland was established at St Patrick's?   It was established there in 1876 by two Sisters from the Riverhead Convent, Sr M Patrick Kielly and Sr M Aloysius Caulfield, and the Parish Priest, Rev John Ryan.  
This beautiful certificate, signed by Fr Bradshaw, belonged to Rosemary Stanford.  In 1954, seventy-eight years after its establishment, Rosemary was received into the Sodality of the Children of Mary.      
Rosemary Stanford's Certificate
The Act of Consecration on Rosemary's Certificate

The beautiful picture on Rosemary's Certificate
Many thanks to Enid Stanford O'Brien for sending us her sister's certificate.   It is a lovely reminder of life as a pupil of St Patrick's Convent, Riverhead. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


This is a comment left on a post by Doreen Walsh Noseworthy.  I thought it should be used as a post so that everyone can see it.  Doreen has put names to all the staff in this picture, which was posted a while ago.  Thanks, Doreen, it is so good to hear from you.  Perhaps, if you haven't already done so, you could have a look at the blog's facebook page and give it a LIKE.  It all helps to get the word out. 
St Patrick's Convent School Faculty, 1979

Doreen wrote;
"I, too, was a former student and went on to become a very proud member of staff at St. Patrick's Convent School. I remember the names of each of these former colleagues and friends because we were more than all of that. We were family. I am very pleased to present:

1st row (L-R): Patricia Laidley, Sharon Reddy, Sister Anne, Anna (Croft) Meaney, Sister M. Luke, Ewald Hajek, Kathy (Croke) Warren, Patricia (McCarthy) Philpott

2nd row (L-R): Doreen (Walsh) Noseworthy, Susan (Poole) Wade, Eleanor Lawton, Dianne O'Brien, Ann Broderick, Denise (Power) Barbour, Angela Greene

3rd row (L-R): Marilyn McGrath, Sister M. Brendan, Roseanne (Wakeham) Linehan, Helen Hannon, Mary McGrath, Anne (Ball) Pennell

I hope this will be of some help in recalling other wonderful memories of school days for many of you. This site, thanks to Beth Anne, is such a great way to reconnect. Keep passing it on and watch it grow.

All the best to all former students and teachers of St. Patrick's Convent School, both living and deceased.

Doreen (Walsh) Noseworthy"
Thank you Doreen.  Now that everyone has seen Doreen "the teacher" in the above picture, I am re-posting Sr Immaculata's Grade 6 Class from 1957.  In this photo, you will be able to see Doreen "the pupil". 

Sr Immaculata' Grade 6 Class, 1957. 
Doreen is in the very centre of the front row.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


For this lovely photograph, I owe Frances(Walsh) Noseworthy a sincere "Thank You".  Frances originally posted this on our facebook page.  So that those of you who aren't on facebook could see this picture, Frances has very kindly given me permission to re-post it here on the blog.  Frances did an excellent job of remembering the names too.  Are you on this picture or do you know anyone here?  Do you have a story to share?  Post a comment & let us know.   


1st Row (L-R): Mary Lou Murphy, Karen Murphy, Madeline ?, Betty Cooper, Catherine Burton, Patricia Emberley (who sadly passed away in Grade 5), Frances Walsh (me), Shirley Johnson

2nd Row (L-R):  Rhonda Gollop, Deborah Whelan, Gina Kielly, Catherine Cromwell, Janet Burton, Barbara Learning, Sheila Tobin, Miss  Mary Hamlyn

3rd Row (L-R): Perpetua Locke, Gladys Dalton, Cecelia Sinnott, Karen Mercer, Judy Howell, Margaret Donovan, Patricia Osmond, Bernadette Christopher

Back Row (L-R): Cathy O'Leary, Cynthia Doyle, Gloria Cooper, Charmaine Wiseman, Sharon Roy, Barbara Dillon, Paulette Cromwell, Mae Doyle

Again, a very sincere "Thank You" to Frances for sharing this photo.  If anyone else has a photo or a story to share, we would be more than happy to post it on this blog .  Don't forget we are also on facebook so have a look and give us a like.