Sunday, 14 December 2014


We have received a lovely email and photograph from Joan REYNOLDS Fogarty.  Joan & her school friends have had their Christmas party and she very kindly shared it with us.     The closeness and loyalty to one another of this group of St Patrick's girls is inspiring. They help us see the importance of maintaining the bonds of friendships that were forged in childhood and youth.  Also, all those happy, smiling faces tell us that there is a lot of pleasure in it too.  Keep it up ladies!
Joan wrote:
"We had our Christmas party last night at Rosemary ASHLEY Healy's home. We had a wonderful catered three-course meal, exchanged gifts, and had a wonderful evening together. There were fourteen of us this time."
Madelyn Adams Thompson, Judy Fitzgerald Squires, Eleanor Sears Vatcher.
Betty Fitzgerald Pye, Joan Reynolds Fogarty, Catherine Corbett Stanley, Joan Connolly Alston, Bonnie Beck Byrne, Mary Fitzgerald, Rosemary Ashley Healy, Patricia Connolly Leonard, Kathleen Dobbin Benson, Joan Ryan Cobb, Mary Bulger Corcoran.
Joan's email continued:
"Our next get-together is May 13.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015 to everyone."
Thanks for sharing this with us Joan.  We look forward to hearing about your next adventure together.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


It is time to post another Holy Cross Class Photo and have I ever got a beauty for you!  It was sent to me by Dianne HAWLEY King and it belonged to her late brother, Roger, who passed away last December.  I think many of you will remember Dianne who lived on Water Street and then Sudbury St.  I am also pretty certain that quite a few of you will remember handsome Roger who was a real heart throb.  There were many 'heart throbs' at Holy Cross!  Here are just a few of them.

Another group of Holy Cross Heart Throbs!

***I am very pleased to edit this post because we have recently been given some more names of the boys in the photo.  Originally Dianne and I came up with a few names but Enid O'Brien has once again come to our rescue!  Enid and her friend, Jim Dodd, have been able to supply many more names for us. Jim, by the way, is one of the boys in this photograph. 

Here is the updated version:
Jim Dodd, Bruce Jones, Pat Casey, Damien Ryan, Brian Moriarity, Donald Dinn and Paul Duggan
2nd ROW:
Jack Power, Hubert Dunne, Bud Gushue, Pat Power, John Dewling, Kevin Martin, Jerome Dinn
3rd ROW:
Mike Kelly, Gus McGrath, Pat Ryall, Roger Hawley, Brian Leonard, Andy Samuelson, Mike Power and Tom Fagan
4th ROW:
Cyril O'Leary,   Ed Shapter,  Bob Perchard, Don Murphy, Bill Neville, John Anderson and Bernard Sheehan
5th ROW:
Stuart Rose, Gus Samuelson, Alan Murphy, Dennis Coffey, Bill Hynes
6th ROW:
Leo Power, Pat Downey, Brian Philpott, Mike OKeefe, John Whelan and Tom Wakeham
We don't know the year this photo was taken nor do we know what grade it is.  We are hoping that someone out there can help us with that and also with any of the names that we don't yet have. 

***The previous paragraph is now redundant because, thanks to Gus Samuelson, we have all the names as well as the grade and year.  Gus informed us that this is a photo of the Grade 11 class of 1958.  Gus noted that  Jack, Pat and Leo Power are three brothers from Fort Amherst.  I rememebr them Gus.  Their father was the Lighthouse Keeper at Fort Amherst. 
Thanks Dianne.  This is a great picture and if you come across any more pictures of Holy Cross or St Patrick's, please share them with us.  We all get a lot of pleasure from seeing old friends and classmates.   To Jim Dodd, a very big thank you for you help. Thanks also to  Enid O'Brien who is always helpful!   Last, but by no means least, thank you very much Gus Samuelson.  Whatever would I do without you all?

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Donna CONSTANTINE Walsh has sent this lovely picture from 1967.  It is Miss Angela Greene's Grade 3 Class.  They all look so neat and smart in their green uniforms.

Donna was able to give us the names of some of the girls.  Donna said:

"These are the names I remember, maybe someone can fill in the rest.
Top row L-R: #6 Kathie Donnelly, #7 Madonna Hearn
Next Row L-R: #1 Sharon Power, #3 Charmaine Maher, #4 Donna Constantine, #6 Eileen Mullins, #8 Peggy Pennell,

Second Row L-R: Mrs Angela Greene, #4 Cathy Foley, #8 Veronica Pitcher
Front Row L-R: #1 Yvonne Cullen, #4 Darlene Thomas, #5 Cathy Walker, #6 ?Ursula Jarvis, #8 Bonnie Mullins, #9 Debbie ( died in a house fire later that year)"
Oh Donna, that is so tragic about that little Debbie.  It must have been so very sad for all of you.
Thanks for the photo and the information that you were able to give us.  As you said, perhaps someone can help fill in the missing names.  And Donna, keep the great pictures coming, please.

**Thanks to Kathie DONNELLY Johnson, Debbie THOMAS Mayer and Judy Ann, I have a few more names to add.  I am grateful for your help ladies.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

As tomorrow, 21st November, is Presentation Day I wanted to do something special for this day that had so much meaning for us in our school days.   I was thinking hard about what to post and, while browsing the Internet, I unexpectedly came upon something which, I think, is very special!  It was an article written by Jim Corley in History Articles.  If you want to, you can find the article on  

Mr Corley tells of finding a letter in a grubby old book which he purchased at an Auction in Kells, County Meath, Ireland.  And how does a letter in an old book in Ireland tie in with Presentation Day?  More to the point, how does it tie in with us? 

Well, this letter was headed:
JAN 12th 1923”.  
It was written by Sr Xavier O’Malley to her niece, Lizzie, in Ireland.  In the letter, Sr Xavier told Lizzie that she was ill in bed, felt very weak and did not expect to live for much longer.  The poor soul also commented on the weather, the cold being too severe to permit her getting up!  It seems a lady called Josephine had asked for her family history and she gives what she knows of it.  Sr Xavier wrote:
“Firstly, my grandfather was Owen O’Malley of Burrishoole, Newport, Co Mayo.  He had three brothers namely: first Joseph who was executed as a rebel: second Austin who escaped to France on one of the French ships sent by Napoleon Bonaparte to pick up all the Irishmen they could get to enter his army as they had gained the name of being great fighters and indeed they were fighters but the poor fellows gained but little for their courage.  Uncle Austin married in France and had two sons.  His eldest son Auguste entered the French army and rose to be Colonel.  Through his bravery Uncle Austin’s sight became impaired and he returned to Ireland when my mother was young, and he lived with my grandfather.  His wife was dead and his eldest son was an officer in the French army.  He had his second son with him, Alexander, but this poor boy had met with an accident at school and was quite deaf.  The French government kindly paid him a yearly pension even after his father’s death.  He died in Dublin some years ago.  Alexander’s brother Auguste O’Malley rose to be general in the French Army.  At the siege of Algeria in the north of Africa only two men were left alive of one particular regiment.  They were Uncle Austin’s son Auguste and a private soldier.  Auguste was made a captain and the soldier a lieutenant.  During a visit which I paid to the French Nuns near here on the island of St Pierre I met a lay sister who had been acquainted with General O’Malley when she was a nurse in a military hospital.”

Sr Xavier ended her letter by asking Lizzie to pray for her when she hears of her death and sent her regards to Lizzie’s husband and little ones.

Now Mr Corley’s interest had been tweaked, as I hope yours is too, so he wrote to Presentation Convent in St John’s.  He was rewarded with a reply from then Presentation Archivist, *Sr Perpetua Kennedy.   Thanks to Sr Perpetua, Mr Corley and we learned more of Sr Xavier’s story.

Sr Xavier was born in Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland in 1842 to Austin and Mary O’Malley.   She was baptised Mary Jane.   In 1866 Mary Jane O’Malley said good bye to home, parents, family, friends and all that she held dear.   The courageous young lady set out on a perilous journey to a strange and distant country, Newfoundland.  Like so many other intrepid souls, she would never see her homeland again.

On 21st February 1866, Mary Jane O’Malley entered the Presentation Convent, St John’s.  On 15th January 1867, 25 year old Miss Mary Jane O’Malley was received into the Order and given the name Sr Mary Xavier Joseph O’Malley.   Here are Sr Xavier’s vows:

“I, Sister Mary Jane O’Malley called in Religion Mary Xavier Joseph, do vow and promise to God poverty, chastity and obedience, and to persevere until the end of my life in this Institute for the charitable Instruction of poor girls in this Enclosure, according to the Rules and Constitution of this Order of the Presentation of Our Blessed Lady, approved of and confirmed by the Apostolical Authority of Our Holy Father Pope Pius VII under the authority, and in the presence of you, Revd Edward O’Keefe V G and of our Revd Mother, Margaret O’Shaughnessy, called in Religion Mary Magdalen Superioress of this Convent of the Presentation – in the year of Our Lord Oct 23rd 1867.
Signed: Mary Jane O’Malley in religion Mary Xavier Joseph
Superioress Margaret O’Shaughnessy
Assistant M de Pazzi Mullock”

Sr Xavier was Professed at Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square on 8th November 1869.  On 8th November 1923, exactly 54 years after being Professed and just months after writing to her niece Lizzie in Ireland, Sr Xavier O’Malley died at Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, St John’s.   She is buried in the Convent Cemetery.

Ending his article, Jim Corley urges us to “Spare a thought for those many long-forgotten Irish missionaries like the noble Sr Xavier.”  On this Presentation Day, let us indeed spare a thought and a prayer for all the valiant young Irish ladies who came to our shores and, as Presentation Sisters, spent their talents and their lives instructing the children of Newfoundland.  Let’s prove Mr Corley wrong and make certain that they are never forgotten! 

*Sr M Perpetua Kennedy, Presentation Archivist for 20 years, passed away at St Clare’s Mercy Hospital on 7th May 2013, aged 90 years.  She too is buried in Presentation Cemetery, Cathedral Square.    

Saturday, 15 November 2014


We are very grateful to Pam WADE Rumboldt for this lovely photo.  Pam said it is her Grade 1 class.  The year was 1967, and the teacher's name was Miss Walker.  Pam  has done a great job of remembering the names of her classmates too. 

Miss Walker with her Grade 1 Class, 1967

Row 1: Janet ?, Denise MacLeod, Brenda Barrington, ? Roche, Janet Handrigan, Kelly Norman, Diane Foley, Michelle Cooper
Row 2: Karen Ennis, Pamela Wade, Maria Hurley, Valerie Bhnicsh, Joanne Adams, Elizabeth Evans, ?, Lynn Barron, Debbie Power
Row 3: Ramona Curtis, Michelle McCarthy, Barbara Curtis, Paula Reese, Edwina Lush, Maureen Taylor, ?, Terri O' Toole, Judy Shano, Jill Cole
Row 4: Karene Collins, Debbie Dower, Christine Barry, Barbara Peddle, Janet Flynn, Patricia Flynn, Karen Ryan, Pamela Brown, Bernadette Walsh, ?,
As I said, Pam has done a great job of identifying her classmates.  We would be very happy to hear from anyone who can name the few that Pam has missed. 
Thank you Pam for sharing.  I know your photo and the memories it revives will be enjoyed. 

Monday, 10 November 2014


I have received two beautiful photographs from Darrin Feehan.  Darrin is the son of Rita WALSH Feehan.  Both photographs are from the years 1946/47. 

The first photo is of, as Darrin says,   "The Walsh sister's from Southside Rd". The girls, smart in their school uniforms, are Helen (Feehan), Imelda (Murray) and Rita (Feehan).  Darrin informs us that the picture was taken in his Nan's back garden on the Southside Road.  The year was 1946/47 and the occasion was Rita's first day of school. 

The Walsh Sisters, Helen (Feehan), Imelda (Murray)
 and Rita (Feehan)
This second photo certainly is  one to be treasured.  It is Rita's First Holy Communion picture.  Her teacher was the famous Miss Margaret Murphy and the year was still 1946/47.  Rita thinks one of the Nuns in the photo is Mother John but she doesn't remember who the other Nun is.  That is quite an impressive number of First Communicants.  Unfortunately, we don't get anything near that number today.
First Communion group 1946/47
Darrin, I am grateful to you for these special photos.  I think they will be enjoyed by so many who follow this blog and its facebook page.  Just one little query, Darrin.  Can you tell us where your Mom is in the First Communion picture?  And, Darrin, if you happen to come across any other gems like these, please, please share them with us.  You can send anything you have to and I will be forever in your debt.  Thank you Darrin and thank you Rita.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Joan Reynolds Fogarty sent us this lovely picture, taken at their September get-together at Papa's.  Joan says that they meet for dinner three times a year, May, September and December.  That is such a wonderful idea Joan.  It is a fantastic way to keep in touch with school friends.  I am really impressed, not to say touched, by the long lasting friendship that you people share.  Good for you!


The ladies gathered  at Papa's Restaurant are:
Back Row, L -R:  Betty Fitzgerald Pye, Judy Fitzgerald Squires, Patricia Connolly Leonard, Joan Reynolds Fogarty, Mary Fitzgerald, Rosemary Ashley Healy

Front Row, L-R: Mary Bulger Corcoran, Brenda Casey Grouchy, Kathleen Dobbin Benson, and Catherine Corbett Stanley
Thanks very much Joan for sharing with us.  I hope your get-togethers will continue for many more years and that you will share them all with us.  I hope your idea will inspire other St Patrick's groups to meet up on a regular basis.  It is so nice to keep in touch.


Monday, 6 October 2014


This isn't strictly St Patrick's but so many of us spent our High School Days at Holy Heart of Mary that I feel pretty certain that these pictures have a place on this blog.  I hope you all agree.  Anyway, Sr Imelda, who spent about forty years at St Patrick's, is in one of the photographs.  Is that enough to make this a St Patrick's post?  I think so!
The first picture is an old post card that I have had since Eve was a rib.  The second, and my favourite, is one that has come into my possession from heaven knows where.  Does anyone recognise anyone in it or know what the occasion was?  There seems to be quite a lot of laughter over whatever Sr Nano & Sr Hildegarde have in their hands.
I would say this second picture was taken somewhere between 1960 and 1965.  Does anyone know when?
The Sisters in the front row are Sr M Tarcisius, PBVM, Sr M Nano, PBVM, Sr M Hildegarde RSM, Sr M Imelda, PBVM, Sr M Thomasina, PBVM, Sr M Reginald, PBVM, Sr M Grace, PBVM and Sr Marie Antoinette, PBVM.  In the next row, sitting behind the empty chair, is Sr M Ernestine, RSM. 
I don't have any more names but these should stir some memories.  Please let us know if you have any names to add or any information about what was taking place when this happy photo was taken.

Monday, 29 September 2014


Those St Patrick's girls are at it again!  Coming home, getting together with old friends and generally having a great time.  And how absolutely wonderful it all is!
Pat  HURLEY McDonald has sent me  photographs of a recent happy reunion.  Pat tells me that Cathy HEARN Green was home from Ottawa and a group of her school friends got together on 15th September for  lunch at Papa's Pier 17.  Pat said that a great time was had by all & I have no trouble believing that.  I bet excited chatter and laughter topped the menu that day!
It seems someone has brought old snaps.
We'll get around to looking at the menu eventually!

So much to say and so little time to say it!

Eating finished (maybe) but still lots of
chatting and laughing left!

You all look great!  When is the next get together?

The ladies in the group photo are:
Left to right: Pat Hurley McDonald, Lila Mercer Young, Cathy Tobin Healy, Judy Comerford Newton, Cynthia Murphy Downey, Nancy Stanley Cook, Maureen Walsh Carter, Betty Hamlyn, Mary Hamlyn Holloway and Cathy Hearn Greene.
Thanks for sharing this, Pat.  Judging by all the smiling faces, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the next reunion isn't already in the planning stages.   

Thursday, 18 September 2014


HELEN GOULDING has sent us two lovely photographs from 1967 and 1968.  Helen, who finished at St Patrick's in 1976, said that the children in these photographs were just six or seven years old. 
This first photo is of Helen's Grade 1 Class, 1967.   At one time, boys attended St Patrick's before moving on to Holy Cross.  I am very pleased with this picture because it  is the very first one that I have received which has boys on it.  Can anyone give us a name or two?  Also, who is the Sister?  Love the modified habit!  Believe it or not, some people thought it pretty daring.  I suppose it was quite a big change from the previous one that covered everything but face and hands.  Anyway, I love this picture and I really hope that some of you will be able to identify the Nun and the children.

Grade 1 Girls and BOYS, 1967

Here we have another picture of the Rhythm Band at the 1968 Graduation.  Aren't they just the cutest musicians you have ever seen?  I am hoping for some names here too, please.
You all look very smart in your red capes and hats!

I am always very grateful to receive photographs and/or stories from St Patrick's pupils, girls or boys.  I hope some boys will now be encouraged to allow us to have a peek at their old school pictures.  We really would LOVE to hear from the men out there who are former St Patrick's pupils!
Helen, if you come across anything else you would like to share here, we would be delighted to post it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


For these two beautiful pictures I am indebted to Pam Rumboldt.  When I say "indebted" I really mean "indebted"!  Pam had to make several attempts at sending them because, for some unexplained reason, I could not open the pictures.  However,  Pam was very patient and her persistence paid off.  We were rewarded with these two wonderful pictures of St Patrick's Graduation Class of 1968.  Aren't they just the cutest little graduates you have ever seen?  (LEFT CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM.)
In the Graduation Class Photo, Pam is in the second row, 7th from the left.  You will also find Pam in the Rhythm Band photo, back row 5th right.  If anyone can name others in these pictures, we would be happy to hear from you.

Pam, any other pictures, stories or memories of your time at St Patrick's would also be very welcome.  Thank you for all your efforts. We are so glad that you didn't give up! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Enid Stanford O'Brien  shared this beautiful picture with us.  Any of you who went to Holy Heart will recognize the "Cor Unum" visible on the corkboard as part of the motto of Holy Heart of Mary High School.  Who remembers the whole Latin motto and its English translation?

Elizabeth, Patricia, Barbara, Betty, Enid

This was indeed a very special occasion.   I will let Enid tell the story of the picture and the lovely young ladies.

"It was taken on graduation night at HHM Regional High School just before we went to the auditorium to get our diplomas. We all went to St. Patrick's (except Betty O'Leary) from Kindergarten until we graduated. 
They are as follows L-R: Elizabeth Roche, Patricia Squires, Barbara Singleton, Betty O'Leary and myself.  This picture would have been taken in 1962."
In those early days of Regional High Schools,  you graduated from Grade 8 at St Patrick's then went on to High School at Holy Heart of Mary to complete your education.  
Many thanks, Enid, for this post and for all the help you give us with this blog.  If anyone else out there has anything they would like to share, please send to us at and we will be delighted to post it here.
Oh, by the way, the motto was "Cor Unum Inter Nos" and its English translation is "One Heart Among Us".  I am sure we all remember that!   

Saturday, 23 August 2014


This is a very special post which I would like to dedicate to a friend and classmate, Geraldine Hearn Fitzgerald.  Gerri recently passed away and her sister, Carmelita, has given us this photo to post. 
Mary Butler Hearn with two of her three devoted daughters
The picture was taken at the 1987 St Patrick's School Reunion.  It is a beautiful picture of a mother and two of her daughters.  St Patrick's Girls all! 
The eldest daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Butler, Mary Frances Butler was born in 1914.  She was educated at St Patrick's Convent School and, after High School, Mary completed a commercial course.  In 1943 she married Raymond Hearn and they raised six children in a loving, caring home. 
Mary's daughters also attended St Patrick's Convent and Mary and her daughters joined old friends and classmates at the 1987 St Patrick's School Reunion.  The photo shows Mary between two of her devoted daughters, Gerri and Carmelita.  
Mary passed away in 2005 and, sadly, Gerri passed away on 16 August 2014.   May they both rest in the peace of their Lord whom they loved.
Many thanks, Carmelita, for sharing this lovely photo with us.  I am certain that it will bring back very happy memories for so many St Patrick's girls who knew your dear mother and sister.    

Monday, 11 August 2014


Another group of long-time friends recently met up to enjoy one another's company and reminisce about their school days at St Patrick's.  Again, I am grateful to Pat Hurley McDonald for the information & the photographs.   Keep the news and the pictures coming, ladies.  We all enjoy hearing where you are and what you are up to these days. 
This is what Pat told us:

"Janet (McGrath) Crane was home for a visit & a few of us who started school together got together at Poppa's Pier 17 in Churchill Square. A great way to see former schoolmates & catch up on their lives.

Those who attended were:

Mary Johnson, Janet McGrath, Maureen O'Brien, Pat Hurley, Kay Johnson, Bernadette Grouchy, Judy Comerford, Carmel Hayes and Cynthia Murphy."
Mary, Janet, Maureen, Kay, Bernadette, Judy,
Carmel, Pat, Cynthia

Mary Johnson, Janet McGrath, Maureen O'Brien, Kay Johnson, Bernadette Grouchy, Judy Comerford, Carmel Hayes, Pat Hurley, Cynthia Murphy

Judy, Maureen, Carmel, Bernadette, Janet, Cynthia,
Mary, Kay  (Pat must be the photographer this time)

It is really nice to see all of you again, even if it is just in pictures, and I hope we will hear lots more from all of you.  Current news and past memories are greatly appreciated.  Thanks again Pat for sharing this happpy meeting of friends.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Mary Elaine (Walsh) Barrett attended St Patrick’s from September 1963 to June 1972, Grades 1-9.  School life began for Mary Elaine in September 1963 at St Patrick’s on Deanery Avenue where she did Grade 1 and Grade 2.  Grade 3 brought a move to the newer building on Patrick Street and, having completed Grade 9, Mary Elaine graduated from St Patrick’s in June 1972.  

This treasure of a photo comes courtesy of Mary Elaine and I think it will awaken some memories for a lot of people.  The picture is of the legendary Miss Margaret Murphy and her last Grade 1 Class at St Patrick’s.  It was taken at the June Concert in 1964.

The Legendary Miss Margaret Murphy with her  Last Class,
June 1964

Mary Elaine has identified most of the girls in the photo. 

FRONT ROW: ?, Sharon Downey,  ?,  ?,  ?.
2ND ROW: Cathy Auchinleck, ?, Ann Marie Galway, Michelle Squires, ?, Ann Marie Fitzpatrick, Michelle Evans.
3RD ROW: Mary Ann Dawe, Janie Simms, Beverly Holden, Janet Jardine, Suzanne Power, Linda Curtis.

FRONT ROW : ?, Gina Kielly, ?, ?, Regina Power, Madonna Bruce.
2nd row: Mary Elaine Walsh, Yvonne Hamlyn, Sheila Handrigan, Susan Holloway, ?, ?, ?, Janet Lawlor.
3RD ROW: Lorraine Taylor, Brenda Shapter, Elaine OBrien, ?, Sharon Fitzpatrick.
Mary Elaine said; “I think the first girl in the front row on the left is Debbie Crotty, also the 4th girl in the back row on the left may be Corrine Murphy”.

****I would like to add another name to the list. A comment from 'Anonymous' identifies the 4th girl in the front row on the right as Carol Ann Thomas. Thanks for your help 'Anonymous'.

The sash which Miss Murphy is wearing around her neck has the names of all the girls in the class.  The sash and flowers were presented to Miss Murphy by Michelle Evans and Mary Elaine Walsh on behalf of the class.  Does anyone know where that wonderful sash is now?

Mary Elaine has sent a copy of the concert program too.  I am sorry I can't reproduce it any better.  I hope you can read it because it is another gem from the past.

The Concert Program

Mary Elaine, I have certainly enjoyed this jaunt down Memory Lane and I am very grateful to you for sharing your photographs and memories with us.  I think a lot of others out there will feel the same.  Thank you so very much!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


The Plaque which was on the Deanery Avenue School

Since this is Memorial Day in Newfoundland, I thought this was a good photo to post here.  As children when we were filing in & out of the doors of St Patrick's on Deanery Ave we probably took no notice of the plaque on the side of the door.
The plaque indicated that the school, our school, was built as a memorial to the men & boys of St Patrick's Parish who gave their all in the mud and the blood and the gas and the unspeakable horror of "the war to end all wars"! 
Now we can appreciate just what those young men of our Parish sacrificed.  Today, on the Anniversary of Beaumont Hamel, where so many young men were killed or maimed, let us remember those who came before us, those who died & those who grieved for them.  Let's also remember just what this plaque & the school to which it was attached meant to that generation.
May they all rest in peace and, please God, may we all live in peace.