Wednesday, 26 November 2014


It is time to post another Holy Cross Class Photo and have I ever got a beauty for you!  It was sent to me by Dianne HAWLEY King and it belonged to her late brother, Roger, who passed away last December.  I think many of you will remember Dianne who lived on Water Street and then Sudbury St.  I am also pretty certain that quite a few of you will remember handsome Roger who was a real heart throb.  There were many 'heart throbs' at Holy Cross!  Here are just a few of them.

Another group of Holy Cross Heart Throbs!

***I am very pleased to edit this post because we have recently been given some more names of the boys in the photo.  Originally Dianne and I came up with a few names but Enid O'Brien has once again come to our rescue!  Enid and her friend, Jim Dodd, have been able to supply many more names for us. Jim, by the way, is one of the boys in this photograph. 

Here is the updated version:
Jim Dodd, Bruce Jones, Pat Casey, Damien Ryan, Brian Moriarity, Donald Dinn and Paul Duggan
2nd ROW:
Jack Power, Hubert Dunne, Bud Gushue, Pat Power, John Dewling, Kevin Martin, Jerome Dinn
3rd ROW:
Mike Kelly, Gus McGrath, Pat Ryall, Roger Hawley, Brian Leonard, Andy Samuelson, Mike Power and Tom Fagan
4th ROW:
Cyril O'Leary,   Ed Shapter,  Bob Perchard, Don Murphy, Bill Neville, John Anderson and Bernard Sheehan
5th ROW:
Stuart Rose, Gus Samuelson, Alan Murphy, Dennis Coffey, Bill Hynes
6th ROW:
Leo Power, Pat Downey, Brian Philpott, Mike OKeefe, John Whelan and Tom Wakeham
We don't know the year this photo was taken nor do we know what grade it is.  We are hoping that someone out there can help us with that and also with any of the names that we don't yet have. 

***The previous paragraph is now redundant because, thanks to Gus Samuelson, we have all the names as well as the grade and year.  Gus informed us that this is a photo of the Grade 11 class of 1958.  Gus noted that  Jack, Pat and Leo Power are three brothers from Fort Amherst.  I rememebr them Gus.  Their father was the Lighthouse Keeper at Fort Amherst. 
Thanks Dianne.  This is a great picture and if you come across any more pictures of Holy Cross or St Patrick's, please share them with us.  We all get a lot of pleasure from seeing old friends and classmates.   To Jim Dodd, a very big thank you for you help. Thanks also to  Enid O'Brien who is always helpful!   Last, but by no means least, thank you very much Gus Samuelson.  Whatever would I do without you all?


  1. 5th row no 5 my brother Bill Hynes Passed away in 1975 at age 35.

  2. Hello Doreen

    Thank you for this information. It is sad that your brother has passed away and at such a young age. I will add his name to the post.

    It is nice to hear from you & I am pleased that you took the time to leave a comment. Keep in touch.

  3. Gus Samuelson
    11:27 AM (4 minutes ago)

    to mcallistersmith
    ​Front Row :
    Jim Dodd, Bruce Jones, Pat Casey, Damien Ryan , Brian Moriarity, Donald Dinn, Paul Duggan
    2nd Row:
    Jack Power, Hubert Dunne, Bud Gushue, Jim Power, John Dooling,. Kevin Martin, Jerome Dinn
    3rd Row:
    Mike Kelly, Gus McGrath,Pat Ryall, Roger Hawley, Michael Leonard,,Andy Samuelson,Mike Power, Tom Fagan
    4th Row:
    Cyril O'Leary, Ed Shapter , Bob Perchard, Don Murphy, Bill Neville,John Anderson, Bernard Sheehan
    5th Row:
    Stuart Rose, Gus Samuelson, Alan Murphy, Dennis Coffee,Billy Hynes
    6th Row :
    Leo Power, Pat Downey,Brian Philpott, Mike O'Keefe, John Whelan, Tom Wakeham

    BTW the three Powers were all Brothers ... from Fort Amherst down the far end of South Side ...​
    Hope this helps
    best regards

  4. This was a grade 11 class from 1958

  5. Thanks, Gus. This is great! I appreciate your help. Please keep in touch & if you have anything you would like to share on this blog, we would be more than delighted to hear from you. Just email it to us at All the best!

  6. Hello
    This is Bud Gushue and I just wanted to mention that both my best friends growing up and at Holy Cross, Roger Hawley and Jerome Dinn passed away in recent years. I thank Gus Samuelson for putting the names to this picture as I remember all the faces but had some difficulty remembering the names.

    1. Hi Bud

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear about Jerome. I knew about Roger as his sister, Dianne, is a very dear friend of mine. It is sad to lose our school friends but at least we have such happy memories to cherish. Please keep in touch & if you have anything, photographs or stories, you would like to share please send them to us at

  7. Yes that's my Father Dennis Coffey in the 5th row. I a sure I have this same picture.

    1. Hi Paul
      Good to hear from you. If you come across any pictures of Holy Cross days, we would love to see them and share them here on the blog. St Patrick's Convent Schools and Holy Cross were very close in heart. Most of our brothers were Holy Cross Boys. All the vry best to you & please keep in touch.

    2. Hi. Bruce Jones here. Please email me at: I was friends with Roger Hawley. Best.