Saturday, 21 October 2017


Pat Hurley McDonald has once again kept us up to date with news of another get together.  This get together was in honour of Sheila Moriarty Amos, who was on a visit home from Cape Breton.

On October 6th school friends Maureen O’Brien Roche, Cynthia Murphy Downey, Sheila Moyst O’Neill and Nancy Stanley Cook welcomed Sheila home. The ladies met for lunch at Fionn MacCool’s Pub on Kenmount Road and, by all accounts, it was a great get together. I think the photo confirms that!
Maureen O'Brien Roche, Cynthia Murphy Downey,
Pat Hurley McDonald, Sheila Moriarty Amos,
Sheila Moyst O'Neill, Nancy Stanley Cook
lunching  at Fionn MacCool's Pub

I hope Sheila had a lovely time at home and I am sure she was delighted to meet up with her dear friends again.  Way to go girls – keep the friendships firm.  They are indeed precious.

Thanks once again Pat.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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