Monday, 4 February 2019


I am so very grateful for all the wonderful photos that I am sent and I love them all.  As dear old St Patrick's is no more, all those photos are historically important and I love every single one of them.  

Today's photo is a real beauty and it was taken 70+ years ago!  I received this prize from Ellen Efford Power who is a graduate of St Patrick's.  Ellen's mother, Kay Barron Efford, grew up on Hamilton Avenue and was also a Graduate of St Patrick's Convent. Kay Barron is pictured here with her classmates.  Ellen said the photo was taken about 1947.  I am especially pleased with this photo because it is, I think, the only one I have seen of the interior of the Deanery Avenue School, which has long since disappeared.

Ellen has identified her mother as the girl in the last desk, far left, next to the row of empty desks.  However, she is unable to help us with any other names.  My sister, Doreen,  recognises Winnie Sullivan, third right, standing.  As usual, I am counting on someone out there coming to our rescue with a few more names. 
St Patrick's Convent School,  Deanery Avenue, circa 1947

Thank you very much, Ellen, for sharing this beautiful memory of your dear mother and her school friends.   

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