Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Pat Hurley McDonald has sent us some really great pictures that will cause all our memory banks to go into overdrive!

Pat tells us that she and her sister, Catherine Hurley Teed, visited St Patrick's last week. As you are all aware, St Patrick's is now Lakecrest, a very well respected independent school. Pat said that the Principal graciously allowed them to tour the school which, understandably, brought back some great memories.

Pat has kindly shared her lovely photos of their visit. Get your hankies ready!

The beautifully maintained Lakecrest School, formerly St Patrick's Convent School
Pat Hurley McDonald  visiting her Alma Mater
Catherine Hurley Teed  visiting her old school
Thanks to Sr Immaculata, to us and our hours of mopping, this original floor still looks like new.  Be proud all you "moppers".
Catherine and Pat at the School door and not a "Rubber Bag"
in sight!
Pat, thank you very much for sharing these delightful pictures with us. Having seen them, all our heads will be buzzing with memories.

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