Wednesday, 2 January 2019


We have waved goodbye to 2018.  For some it was a year of happiness while for others I know it was a year of great sadness.  For most, it was a year of mixed ups and downs.  Whatever the year 2018 brought to you, my wish is that this new year of 2019 will bring you  good health, happiness, and peace in your heart and home.
Not far from where I live there is the wonderful little town of Caerleon.  Caerleon, the Roman Fortress of Isca,(link here) is just chock full of history.  Everywhere you turn the pretty little town's Roman roots speak to you in no uncertain terms.  We visit Caerleon often and its Roman museum is always  a treat.  As you can imagine, the museum holds many, many artifacts  that have been unearthed in and around the town.  You might think my favourite is a rather simple thing when I tell you what it is.  I will tell you anyway and I will even show you a picture of it.

Ah, "What is it?" you ask.  Well it is the actual, real and ancient footprint, embedded on a tile, of a Roman Soldier. The print of the studs in the sole of his sandal are plainly visible and I run my hand over this tile every time we visit there.  I know, I know!  Weird or what? But I just find it totally amazing that I can actually, right here and now, in 2019, touch the footprint of a man who lived in this town centuries ago.  I wonder did he accidentally walk on the tile? Or did he, as some young people today like to make footprints in  the wet cement of a new sidewalk, do it intentionally?  We will never know and nor do I know what year this fine Roman Soldier left his footprint for us to ponder on.  Whatever year it was, I hope it was a happy one for our friend as he toiled in a foreign land far from his home.  I wish all of you a happy year too.  May this new year of 2019 bring you all you desire.

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