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This photo, from the mid 1950s, has been posted here before but without names.  I have some of the names now so I am posting the picture again.  If you can help with any of the unnamed girls, I would be delighted to hear from you,  

"Holy Angels", after school party, 1950s
To Fr Hanton's right (and not in strict order) we have Anne Whelan, Patsy Stafford, Carol Sceviour, Bridie Colbert.  
Standing behind are Patsy Walsh, Alice Prim, Carol Brothers, Lucy Power, Eileen Maher, Florence Evans (peeping out between Eileen and Alice).
Moving to Fr Lewis it gets a little more jumbled but you just might recognize Alice Hennessey, Valerie McGrath, Bernice or Dorothy Noftall, Diane Hawley, Betty Galivan, Sheila Glynn, Betty Simms, Mary Glynn, Elizabeth Flynn, Brenda Tracey, Beth Anne McAllister and Margaret Morrissey.

Holy Angels was the group that preceded Children of Mary. Sister Immaculata was the leader of that group and, when we were in her Grade 6 class, we were all enrolled in Holy Angels.  

I don't remember what time of the year this party took place but I have vivid memories of the great time we had!  The two young priests, Fr John Hanton and Fr Phil Lewis, provided the entertainment. Fr Lewis was a marvel on the piano and he played all the popular hits of the day.  All that great Rock n Roll Stuff.  We were so innocent and naive in those days!  We were astonished that priests would know all of those songs.  I guess we thought they lived in a bubble or something.  Anyway, we had a wonderful time and Sr Immaculata was hard pressed to make us go home.  It is a rare day indeed when you have to force girls to go home from school!

I am counting on you to come up with a few names for me.  Please help if you can.

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